How AI Can Help You Improve Your Ereputation – Interview by La Tribune

Do you have 8 minutes to fully understand the challenges and impacts of clients’ or staff’s feedbacks ? Jean-Philippe BECHADE of I Feedback Now has explained it all to La Tribune journalist !

No time to watch this ? Here are the main points to remember…

A cross-canal solution

The I Feedback Now software is cross-canal, and follows customer path after his/her purchase. The client can give feedback through :

  • Satisfaction terminals : during compagny-hosted events for example
  • SMS or emails he received, with a link to a web page which contains a survey.

So, you can collect client feedback :

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere your client is

An efficient Artificial Intelligence to help you do the work

The I Feedback Now software inculdes an AI which detects :

  • The feedbacks’ theme
  • The associated emotions, feelings
  • And which can alert the person in charge of this issue, to solve it as soon as possible!

What about concrete results ?

Collecting a client feedback through a survey costs around 10 cents. Therefore, with a reasonable investment, our clients are enjoying :

  • A customer aquisition growth of 3% to 5%
  • A 7% to 10% increase of retention rate. Why ? By understanding where does the client’s problem come from, and solving it, you convince your customer to stay !

Our engagements regarding GDPR legislation

  • A customer can ask for the information we have on him
  • He can ask us to delete them
  • We match the health care sector ‘s requirements concerning sensitive information and personal data.

For the future, I Feedback Now aims to grow world-wide, and develop its activity in the Human Ressources field (with social barometers).

To optimize your clients’s satisfaction and develop your business, there is only one way : contact us here !