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How to finally improve the patient experience of seniors in your organization ?

Silver Economy is what’s at stake tomorrow. By 2040,  according to INSEE, 1 in 4 people will be 65 years of age or older. In this context, seniors will make up an increasing share of your patients. You owe it to yourself to pamper them. Here’s how…

Major Rise Of Ecological Concern In Customer Reviews!

At I Feedback Now, we see hundreds  of opinions. And, for some time now, there has been a trend: more and more opinions related to  ecology!   This is very good news, which proves that consumer expectations continue to grow and diversify. How can we adapt as a company to these ecological requirements?

How to : Turn you employees into Brand Ambassadors

At the moment you read this, 85%  of employees are not engaged, or actively disengaged from their company. Yet turning them into  ambassadors  of your brand is more than  beneficial  to you, as for them. So how do we do that?

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