Customer feedback management solution

Collection, study, interpretation, and sharing of client input.

Our expertise

We guide you from the creation to the distribution of your customer satisfaction surveys in all sectors to engage your target audience.

Satisfaction surveys examples

Our inquiries are entirely customizable, to fit your graphic chart perfectly !

Need inspiration ? Let’s meet in the “Resources” section, to see our satisfaction quizz models and best tips!

Our solutions

"The Fast Feedback" is not just a platform – it's a revolution in managing customer satisfaction and feedback. Through advanced Artificial Intelligence utilization, we decipher, analyze, and turn each feedback into an opportunity. Discover an innovative approach to always listening to your clients, patients, or suppliers.

Our software allows you to easily create surveys

Within a few clicks, create all forms of inquiries, thanks to : a highly-customizable interface, and about 12 types of questions !

Then, send them by SMS or email !

You can choose to send your campaign by SMS or email to your clients/staff/patients, etc.

...And share and exploit the results right

Share the best reviews, or set corrective actions automatically! Our AI can for instance notify the person in charge, so you can improve your services as fast as possible!

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Why you should trust us

I Feedback Now is committed to respect the personal data of contributors, and to ensure secure storage on systems hosted in France. It also undertakes not to sell personal data to commercial organizations.

The AFNOR label

I Feedback Now can, when the brand wishes comply with AFNOR’s recommendation  on consumer reviews. We commit to ensure compliance with it before AFNOR label is affixed to the site.

The GDPR Act

I Feedback Now also has its processing systems audited by an independent firm to ensure compliance with these rules as well as the implementation of the recommendations of the CNIL and the General Data Protection Regulations.


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Expertly designed for creating opinion polls and customer satisfaction surveys. Available in English, French, Mandarin, Italian, Khmer, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Arabic. Tailored to gather and analyze your customers’ feedback on a global scale.