Cross Channel In Retail, How To Use It

We saw in our last article that cross channel selling was definitely retailers priority in 2020 and 2021, especially following successive lockdowns.

Here are some ideas to inspire you in your cross-channel strategy, both with simple examples and case studies from the Cross-Canality  2020 Trophies (by LSA).

Strengthen The Link Between Online And Offline Shopping

The main aim of cross-channelity  is to extend commercial interactions, to online and in-store. Here are some generic examples:

  • The recovery of purchases made online, in-store, on the model of Click and  Collect.
  •  The use of commercial and logistics inter-brand platforms (pop-up store, shop in the shop, etc.)
  • Or other logistical solutions: improving intra-urban accessibility, reducing carbon impact…
  • Expand the automation of picking and order preparation, with robots or technologies aimed atincreasing the speed of processes (RFID).

If these are the main avenues to explore in terms of cross-channelity, they are not the only ones. The winners of the 2020 Cross-Channel Trophies have shown a real creativity, which can inspire your business.

cross channel ecommerce

The Masters Of Cross Channel This Year

This year, the LSA Cross Canal Trophies were held in 100% digital mode. Here’s a look at some of the winners’ innovations.

The Generalization Of Cashback: Franprix And  Paylead

This year, Franprix has implemented a cashback solution in its stores, in collaboration with Paylead. This practice, which is widespread online, consists of recovering a small sum of a purchase that has just been made (to be re-ensticed later). It’s a real innovation to implement this system in physical stores, and customers can only appreciate it!

An Even More Complete Service Offer: Marionnaud Allo Boutique

Marionnaud has bet on an omnichannel service, extremely comprehensive. Here are some examples from the Marionnaud Allo Boutique website:

  • The shop window: the customer can choose a product in the shop window, communicate his number to a beauté advisor, go to the checkout with his waiting ticket and pay his purchases very quickly.
  • It can also benefit from a fast and green delivery, thanks to eco-friendly vehicles, when ordering online.
  • Or shopping by phone: by exchanging with a beauty consultant by phone, Monday to Saturday.
  • And finally, private purchases by appointment, which offer an exclusive experience and respect for social distance and restrictions on the number of people present.

This ultra-complete service received the Omnicanal Service of the Year Award.

Sell Differently: Atol  and Gémo

For its part, Atol Opticians has relied on the online shopping experience, selling its glasses entirely on the internet. Notably thanks to a simulation of try-on, which requires only a simple webcam.

As for Gémo, the company has probably chosen the most unexpected strategy. In collaboration with Rosbeef communication agency,  the brand has set up a virtual shop in the video game Animal  Crossing, which has millions of players worldwide. The shop presented few pieces from the spring-summer collection, and was a great success.

Distinguish Yourself Through Unusual And Cross Channel strategies

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It therefore seems essential to be very creative in the time of the coronavirus, in order to hold its sales.

During this edition, it should be noted that the company that has distinguished itself is the Casino Group (Franprix, Monoprix, Cdiscount, Casino), proving the agility and the resilience of large groups in the face of crises.

However, even at the SMB level, it is possible to implement ingenious and effective retail strategies, especially by listening to one’s customers.

Our job at I Feedback Now is to give you the keys to succeed in your digital and cross-channel transformation, thanks to customer feedback.

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