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How To Finally Improve Patient Experience Of Seniors In Your Institution?

Silver Economy is what’s at stake tomorrow. By 2040,  according to INSEE, 1 in 4 people will be 65 years of age or older. In this context, seniors will make up an increasing share of your patients. You owe it to yourself to pamper them. Here’s how.

Ask senior for their opinion, simply

Seniors also have a say. They are usually the first to be affected by the health services. However, the problem is often raised: they would not have the numerical ease of millennials… How do i collect their patient opinions effectively?

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I Feedback Now Kiosks

A physical terminal in reception or waiting areas

Why not set up a collection terminal, physical and clearly visible to encourage your patients to express theirself? Their handling is very easy and guided. In waiting areas in particular, they allow a good rate of return.

Simple and intuitive software

On the terminal, it is also essential to implement intuitive and simple software. No computer knowledge is necessary to leave an opinion on our I Feedback Now terminals! In addition, we have seen from our clients that, contrary to popular belief, young retirees are very connected and respond more than average;-)

A guarantee of securing the data collected

Finally, given that we are dealing here with the health sector, the data collected must be particularly secure.I give My Notice is particularly committed to meeting the requirements of the  RGPD  and the standards of the health sector.

So, whether in a hospital,a specialist practice, plastic surgery, a nursing home or an EHPAD… the  opinions of your senior patients are worth gold.

They are already collecting senior patient reviews…

Here are some examples of organizations that are already collecting patient feedback.

  • On the one hand, the High Health Authority (HAS)  launched for the first time in 2016 a wide online satisfaction survey, on several thousand health facilities. It did not specifically target seniors, but all patients. Since then, has regularly published comprehensive reports on the performance of these institutions.
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According to this authority, “collecting patient satisfaction is now essential  to measure and improve the quality of care in health facilities.” The results of the studies carried out are available on the  ScopeSanté website.

  1. In addition, the Website Hospitalid  aims to “free the voice of patients” by collecting thousands of patient reviews online.
  2. The same goes for My Hospi Friends,which presents itself as a social network for patients.

These various examples show that patient opinions are increasingly being taken into account.

But for what purpose exactly? What are the long-term results?

Significant long-term results

The impact of the collection of opinions in the health sector, and in particular in the silver economy, allows a virtuous circle to be established.  

The benefits of a patient satisfaction approach are undeniable:

  1. You quickly spot  your possible weaknesses
  2. You implement adaptive measures and offer an optimized service
  3. You improve  your reputation, and e-reputation (online)
  4. You increase  your patients’ confidence level
  5. Your establishment is simply different from the rest.

So, what are you waiting for to pamper your patients? Click here to discover our range of interactive kiosks.

Note, however, that in previous examples, it is always the patient who decides for himself to leave his opinion. He is not encouraged to do so. The response rates may therefore not be maximum.

For optimal return rates, check out our satisfaction survey campaigns right here!