How To Revitalize Retail ?

In this article, a look back at the survey report issued this month by LSA, on solutions to revitalize retail in the face of the rise of e-commerce.

The survey was conducted among 20,000 retail decision makers, initiated by Zumtobel, Vinci Energies and BNP Paribas Personal Finance. And the answers were collected through the software I Feedback Now.

What leads can be taken from it? How can you transform your business to make it more resilient to market developments?

Retailers’ Expectations To Improve The Customer Experience

A Focus On Digital

The first point highlighted by retailers is the need for more cross-channeling between physical (store) and digital (website) access at the point of sale.

In general, cross-channelism refers to the use of multiple channels for making a purchase. Thus, in a strategy called cross channel, the customer experience is at the center: we try to facilitate as much as possible the buying process.

For example, we will use an online shop, but with possible test in store within 1 hour. Or click and collect: an online purchase, but an in-store withdrawal. The same goes for a discount code received by SMS, and used online as offline.

retail in-shop experience

Improved Safety And Quality Of In-Store Experience

In addition to implementing cross-channel solutions, retailers also need to improve the customer experience in-store.

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, health safety is at the heart of their concerns, through presence measures or the regulation of flows within the shop.

In addition, the health crisis has created a deficit of global social interactions, which is also reflected in sales processes. To compensate for this, retailers propose to increase the quality of the customer experience. Focusing in particular on the role of advisor to the brand and its sellers and a finer and denser capture of customer expectations as well as their feedback.

Taking Ethical Issues Into Account

In addition, the respondents’ responses contain issues of a different nature: the ethics of retail.

In the verbatims (or comments) of the respondents, we find the desire and the desire to put in place a more responsible retail, taking into account the environmental, economic and social impacts.

How to implement the improvements mentioned above? The study also provides answers.

The Answers Envisaged To Restore The Image Of Retail

retail buying online

The respondents highlighted four types of concrete solutions for retail:

  • The development, or rather the generalization of Click and Collect and Drive, or any other logistical solution favoring cross-canalité.
  • For health safety, the watchword and distance or disinfection, as well as avoidance of contact.
  • As far as the customer experience is concerned, according to retailers, it is necessary to promote customer information and digital interactions with the customer in store (why not using technological innovation, with augmented reality, for example).
  • Finally, the ethical aspect can be improved by systematically displaying the provenance of products, for example, or by enhancing eco-responsible products.

So there are many ways to build the trade of tomorrow. Nevertheless, cross-canality remains the most raised point by respondents. Good thing : that’s the theme of our next article!

In the meantime, if you want to implement new strategies for your business and measure the concrete results, please contact us!

At I Feedback Now, we are specialists in improving the customer experience, thanks to the analysis of feedback received (satisfaction surveys). With years of experience, we will be able to advise you to improve the retail experience for you and your customers.

The JDMA Editorial.