How To Send Trust Signals To Customers

There is a real climate of consumer distrust of businesses. This is not new. In the agri-food sector, for example, the Yuka mobile application, which notes food quality, currently has close to 6 million visitors per month (source: Médiamétrie). It’s about restoring trust in your customers. How do I send them the right signals? Why is this essential?

Trust: a rare and precious element

Customers can now find out very easily and quickly online. The power of influence of social networks is very substantial.

Between food scandals (horse meat in lasagna…) and shock revelations about the practices of certain major brands (made by children of Nike or Ikea products), it must be assumed that a prospect no longer trusts you.

According to a recent Ifop survey (for Charal), if a food product gets a bad rating on Yuka or similar application, “one in three users changes brand.”

trust and online information

The crisis of confidence, in addition to making you lose your customers and prospects, therefore directs them to your competitors. Everything you don’t want!

Create a whaouh effect

To prevent the customer from turning away from your brand, you should create the wow effect as much as possible. That is, to put the quality of your product/service first, throughout the customer journey.

  • First, upstream by communicating. The customer should know that his satisfaction takes precedence over the interest of the brand. “He is king.”
  • Also, by making it as easy as possible: he must make as little effort as possible to get what he wants. For example, taking care of the design of an e-commerce mobile application.
  • Finally, during the service itself: by taking care of the delivery, the packaging of the products, the conditions of delivery of the service… Moreover, the more personalized the customer experience, the more it will be appreciated.

In addition to these quality improvement spurts, you can also choose to qualify for a label.

Playing the label card to restore confidence

At I Feedback Now, for example, we have chosen to comply with the recommendations of AFNOR, the AFNOR label certifying consumer reviews (authentic and complete). This avoids the mistrust generated by the false opinions circulating on the web.

To put it specifically, this is the NF Service certification. This type of label is a real asset when we know that 7 out of 10 French people consult the opinions on professionals(Source: Barometer 2016 of the opinions of Internet users and SME-SMEs, Opinion Way for Yellow Pages).

For example, NF Service certification ensures that the collection, moderation and return of notices are checked regularly.

Manage your e-reputation

Finally, all these efforts will be worthless if your online reputation is bad.

Finally, specialized software can help you keep hold of your online reputation. The solution I Feedback Now combines collecting reviews, managing them through a backoffice (with a dashboard), communicating the best, and concrete actions to correct small glitches.

Now you know how to send the right signals to your customers! What solutions have you chosen? Have you had any results? Let’s talk about it!

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