Intelligence Marketing To Grow Your Business Before Christmas

It’s never too late to adopt new marketing strategies, such as intelligence marketing. This technique, which aims to analyze accurate data to predict consumer behavior, can be a real lever for your business. And this, especially on Christmas Eve.

Help Consumers Buy Online In The Run-Up To Christmas

Website for christmas using intelligence marketing

Set Up An Attractive Website

As the holiday season approaches, and at this particular time, it is more necessary than ever to support consumers in their online shopping.

For this, the best way is to create a showcase site or even a sales site, but above all to optimize it.

Here are some ideas to make your website a real selling tool:

  • Make it aesthetic: it’s essential that your website catches the eye, especially thanks to a well-chosen charter and graphic identity. If you don’t have the budget to hire a communications agency, try contacting a freelance graphic designer. He/she will be able to offer you personalized and attractive rates.
  • Being active on social networks: Being active on social networks allows you to create a community that both knows your products and is likely to buy them. To trigger the purchase decision, customer reviews can be a real asset. I Feedback Now allows you to regularly share your best reviews on Facebook, but also to share your opinions on Linkedin (for B2C reviews) or Twitter.
  • Publishing articles: Inbound marketing can also be a solution. Publishing articles, white papers, photos on your website helps to energize it, and make it more visible by search engines.
  • To complete your strategy, why not put in place a customer review badge, with a star rating on your website? The I Feedback Now API allows you to proudly display the average rating that users of your products or services have assigned to you. The aim is to reassure the new customer, to avoid any abandoned basket or hesitation when buying. You can see here the example of the showcase website of a Parisian aesthetic clinic that displays patient reviews to reassure its future customers:
Customer data and intelligence marketing

Intelligence Marketing And Customer Data Analytics

For Claude Ménard, a trainer and intelligence marketing strategist, “Data analysis creates a decision tree. The more information we have, the more accurate the probabilities. We can predict consumer behaviour.”

Knowing how your customers and prospects will react to such a particular context, health and economic crisis is essential. The pandemic underscored the importance of connecting with its customers, even remotely. Therefore, it is essential to try to understand it as much as possible, to offer it products and services, as well as a customer journey, always more adapted.

Among the tools for recovering customer information (in accordance with the RGPD): CRM, cohort analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and direct notification software.

But what customer data should be recovered first? How? And why?

The Choice To Focus On Customer Reviews

How: Which Solution ?

There are different types of providers, for different needs in terms of customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Customer knowledge companies: their solutions enable the creation of satisfaction surveys and the collection of written opinions. The goal is to enable companies to get to know their customers better, to improve their value proposition.
  • Customer loyalty companies: the idea here is to create a response, a discussion, based on customer feedback and feedback collected. We identify the problems raised by users, to solve them as quickly as possible.
  • Customer acquisition providers. This is the stage of the dissemination of customer reviews. Either on partner review platforms or, for example, on social networks. We then activate the acquisition lever that starts from customer reviews, to attract new ones.

The solution developed by Je Donne Mon Avis responds to these three aspects at once by allowing:

  • collect data (satisfaction surveys, questionnaires)
  • to take corrective action
  • to share good reviews on different platforms.

In addition, our review collection processes are consistent with the AFNOR standard on the completeness and sincerity of NF Z74-501 customer reviews ;).

More information about our software here !

Why use customer feedback?

A study conducted by a behavioral analysis firm on the subject of customer reviews, as well as TrustPilot in 2020 tells us that, for example:

  • 89% of consumers inquire before a purchase, by reading customer reviews of the product/service in question
  • More than one in 10 consumers (France, UK, USA) sees their confidence in brands diminish over time.

Figures that speak for themselves and demonstrate the importance of knowing and satisfying your customers, thanks to intelligence marketing solutions.

So, to put in place an effective, personalized, and customer feedback-focused solution before the Christmas period, click here !

The JDMA Editorial.