Satisfaction Terminal SlimLine

This sober and well-designed interactive terminal will perfectly fit in any environment. 

As others I Feedback Now terminals, it allows to : 

  • Direct feedback from the customers – with or without capture of email address or phone number
  • Multi-question satisfaction survey : they are installed and configured very easily. They include their cables, software, 4G sim cards, and are guaranteed, maintained and supported by a hot-line.

It is possible to set up questions of a dozen types:

  • Rating 0 to 10 NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • 5 Star Ratings
  • Ratings about Buzzeurs (I like, I do not like, I have an idea)
  • QCM
  • Boolean
  • Order of Preference
  • Free text
  • Enter email address or phone number

All received notices appear in the Web-based management interface (SAS Back-office) in the same way as responses from other channels (as email or SMS).