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Is Your Business A Great Place To Work?

Is a Great Place To Work the certainty of choosing your employer right? For 25 years, the eponymous organization issues has been delivering labels and certifications. A great way to improve and maintain your employer reputation! But how do you become a Great Workplace?

A reconnaissance program, a kind of field survey

First, you must apply for certification by contacting GPW. Businesses must pay to participate. However, for Patrick Dumoulin, President of GPW France, this does not affect the quality of the companies certified.

What for? Because then a field survey is carried out. You must get minimum scores in two tests.

  • The first is the Trust Index. You must get a minimum score of 70%. This survey focuses on the level of trust that employees attribute to the employer, the pride they derive from their jobs, and internal solidarity.
  • The second is the “Culture Audit”: The asking score is 30/60. It is here the corporate culture that is examined.

Once this first step has passed, you get (or not) certification, which is valid for 1 year.

Annual awards and media visibility

In addition to this selection, GPW annually defines an annual list of the best companies in terms of quality of life at work. This award is published in the journal Challenges, which offers a good media visibility to your structure.

This year, among the first of the Awards, we find: Norauto, Salesforce, Extia, Leboncoin, Ubisoft, SAP France, Just Eat, Delivroo… So a clear predominance of digital companies. So why not you?

Precise evaluation criteria

great place to work

The GPW criteria are very accurate, it’s up to you to put in place the right measurements to get the best score possible! Or, if you’re not particularly interested in the program, take it as areas for improvement;-)

Employees in a great place to work

3 central criteria, which do not concern restaurant tickets or the recurrence of cohesion events but:

  1. Trust in leaders
  2. Appreciation of colleagues
  3. pride in doing your job.

On the GPW website, the team highlights 5 essential dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, friendliness. So many parameters that you can also measure with a social barometer !

In terms of management

A company where it is good to work is also a company that achieves its objectives, all in a climate of trust. GPW focuses on listening and communication in its investigation. In more specific terms:

  1. Recruitment, celebration and sharing, which allow teamwork;
  2. thanks, tension and development, which lead employees to surpass themselves;
  3. inspiration, listening and discussion to achieve organizational goals.

So you have all the cards in hand to make your business a very pleasant working environment! And to be sure, you can carry out employee satisfaction surveys, by contacting us right here…