4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our WideLine Satisfaction Kiosks

I Feedback Now has created a whole new model of satisfaction terminals. Those are designed to collect customers’ reviews, patients’ reviews, or colleagues opinions. They are available on sale or rent, and are your best choice to set up direct satisfaction inquiries. Why should you choose us ? The answer here in a few words…

1. Be open to your clients and show it

Thanks to our WIDELINE Kiosks, you develop your ability to listen to your customer feedback. And, this is essential to build a solid and good reputation as a brand.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our WideLine Satisfaction Kiosks 1
WIDELINE Satisfaction Terminals – I Feedback Now

Their large size (15-22 inches) allows them to be clearly seen during an event, or at the reception desk of your compagny. Our terminals combine high visibilty and high readability. They are linked to Wi-Fi and 4G networks, but also come with a wired system. They easily integrate our software to collect, manage and analyse the feedback received.

The WIDELINE terminals are thus the perfect fit to improve your reputation.

2. Fully customizable terminals

To match best your compagny’s spirit, our terminals are fully personalizable. We adapt smoothly to your designs and graphic chart.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our WideLine Satisfaction Kiosks 2
Example of a customized terminal at the reception of a big compagny

3. Discover continuous improvement

Apart from your brand marketing strategy, collecting customers’ feedback can contribute to the continuous improvement of your services.

But, how to optimize your services when nobody answers your satisfaction inquiries ? The satisfaction terminals WIDELINE provide you with the ability to reach an optimal response rate, by combining accessibility and visibility.

So, do not wait any more second and start launching amazing satisfaction surveys. Contact us here !

4. Facility management and reception terminals

Facility management is nothing more than clients/ visitors reception management. I Feedback Now also offers you a software to manage perfectly clients’ arrivals on your reception terminals. The result ? You welcome clients very easily and you reduce waiting time.

5. Strong Artificial Intelligence at your service

Our AI is active on all our terminals. I Feedback Now AI allows to :

  • Detect clients’ feedback themes
  • Detect client’s mood
  • Notify the person in charge of the service, to effectively and rapidly react to the problem.

Being open to your customers, personalizing your satisfaction terminals and improving your offer continuously thanks to AI is now one click away ! Choose the WideLine Model and start transforming your business !

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