Major Rise Of Ecological Concern In Customer Reviews!

At I Feedback Now, we see hundreds  of opinions every day. And, for some time now, there has been a trend: more and more opinions ecological opinions!   This is very good news, which proves that consumer expectations continue to grow and diversify. How can we adapt as a company to these ecological requirements?

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A General Trend, Confirmed By The Polls

According to a study conducted by the firm Denjean and Associates on 1000 French consumers, 90%  of them say they value companies more with a quality CSR policy. It should be remembered that CSR (Social Responsibility for Enterprises) refers to taking ethical issues into account in its economic activity, and contributing to societal well-being.

This obviously means controlling the ecological impact of your business. The study cited above even states that 97%  of respondents could go as far as  boycottinga brand that would absolutely not respect the environment, or the human. Respecting the environment is undeniably a priority for your business.

Finally, the latest annual Ernst and Young report (10 Business Risks for Business)  highlights the high probability that binding environmental regulations will be in place by 2020. One more reason to think about it!

In addition to these generalist surveys, what do customers tell us concretely, and how can you improve your reputation at the ecological level?

Examples of concrete ecological solutions to be provided

So what to do about it? How do I adapt? Here are some examples of initiatives to inspire you…

Avoiding single-use plastics: the example of the hotel world

The hotel group IHG, owner among others of the Holiday Inn chain,will give up the miniature toilets by 2021. A good way to avoid overloading single-use plastic waste. In all, this represents no less than 200 million plastic bottles!

More generally in an office, plastic cups can be replaced with reusable eco cups,the same for plastic cutlery, etc.

Assess CO2 emissions to reduce them

Private agencies certified Carbon Balance can help you do this. The process costs between 5,000 and 12,000 euros for companies with more than 250 employees. ADEME  can help SMEs by paying up to 70%  of the costs. This assessment will allow you to set realistic emission reduction targets.

One example is the Australian BHP (mining sector). Novethic  tells us this month that the company will commit $400 million to reduce emissions from its operations. It will not stop there, because it wants to  disseminate its good practices to its customers, especially steelmakers, with highly polluting activities.

At the office, you can already start with carpooling;-)

Choosing “green” suppliers

In the construction of your supply chain,or the choice of your distributors you can  integrate  the ecological dimension. With the I Give My Supplier Evaluation Notice tool, you can even choose the suppliers that best meet your green goals!To discover  our supplier evaluation tool  it’s here!

Customers are therefore increasingly sensitive to companies’ attitudes towards the environment. To not see their satisfaction decrease, and to contribute to the ecological transition, make decisions now! And, in any case, communicate  about the green actions and initiatives you are taking, to improve your brand reputation!