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Social Barometer, The Best Tool To Improve Workplace Wellness

More and more companies are now recruiting happiness officers. The management of Human Resources has become a crucial issue for all businesses. And you, what do you do for the happiness of your employees? I Feedback Now offers you to discover the power of the social barometer….

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What is a social barometer?

The social barometer is simply a questionnaire that is circulated anonymously through the company. It is then handed over to the HR division. If this barometer covers many themes, we talk about measuring “social climate”.

In 2018, 59%  of employees in companies say that their work is the source of regular stress. Putting in place an indicator of happiness at work is therefore at the same time:

  • improving working conditions for employees
  • and attract more  candidates when you recruit.

Measuring the social climate step by step

The implementation of a social barometer (or indicator of well-being at work) can be broken down into 3 stages.

1. Collecting employees opinions

Employees, managers or candidates are asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire. I Feedback Now is a trusted third party, which guarantees the anonymity of each. The form can be as complete and personalized as you like. It is made available online.

The questions call for Lickert-type answers: not at all agree, rather agree, agree, completely agree, etc.

In this way, the answers are accurate and truly useful to the employer.

2. Analysis of opinions collected

The software I Feedback Now then allows:

  • A detailed analysis  by establishing, sex, occupation, country… (always preserving the anonymity of employees).
  • A sorting by theme  thanks to artificial intelligence: remuneration, commitment, direct management, well-being at work… It’s semantic analysis.
  • An analysis of the feelings expressed by employees through AI.

3. The final report

In the end, you get a detailed report. The data is visible on your dashboard in the form of graphs for optimal clarity. You know exactly what levers to act on to improve your human resources management!

Summary: 3 Benefits of Measuring Social Climate

Setting up a social barometer with the I Feedback Now tool allows:

  • Easily measuring  quality of life at work and happiness at work.
  • To gather the opinions of job applicants to better understand  their expectations. And, eventually, catch up with some of the candidates.
  • To manage his reputation  online employer, to eventually attract the best candidates!

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