How To : Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

At the moment you read this, 85%  of employees are not engaged*, or actively disengaged from their company. Yet turning them into  ambassadors  of your brand is more than  beneficial  to you, as for them. So how do we do that?

1.    Hapiness At Work And Work Environment

For your employees to want to promote your business, you need to give them good reasons to do so. And it all starts in your own premises. Redesigning  workspaces, offering quality restoration,  promoting  telecommuting are solutions to consider!

To find out exactly where and how to act for the happiness of your employees, you can also set up a social barometer. This analysis tool in the form of  satisfaction surveys  will allow you to get to know your employees better;-)

2.    Employees Advocacy** On Social Media

Of course, you share news on your Facebook page or corporate networks. But credibility  is much stronger   among Internet users when it is your employees themselves who give or share the information. In addition, they may reach a different audience from yours.

Companies like Sephora  have even created a page dedicated to their staff (WeAreSephora),where employees share positive news about the company every day.

3.    …And On Your Website

website web icon

Your website is probably a mainstay  of your business. Your human resources, even more.

You actually have different ways to encourage your employees to be your online ambassadors.

  1. First, you can highlight their profiles on  the company’s website. Most employees today do not feel sufficiently recognized. So create a  showcase for your shock team!
  2. Then you can follow the example of companies like Capgemini, which has made its employees one-off bloggers. Everyone can publish on the brand’s blog, on their favourite subject. A good way for team members to show their expertise!

4.    Is Employee Training A Necessity?

However, to master these techniques and turn your employees into  true ambassadors, it is usually necessary to invest in in-depth training. The Lego company    recently  organized a training course at Facebook for its employees,to provide them witha kind of “permit” for social networks. Employees are now using digital tools efficiently, and the Lego page has  more than 10,000 followers per week.

However, this type of training has a significant cost. An alternative? The I Feedback Now Software allows you to conduct employee satisfaction surveys, and to share the results quickly and easily. No training is required to take control of the tool! Tempted? Click here to discover our solutions!

5.    Your Job Applicants, Potential Ambassadors?

Finally, don’t neglect your candidates, they can be very effective ambassadors. Paying attention to your employer reputation is a real asset, which will allow you to:

  1. Attractingthe best talent
  2. Catch up with some candidates by better understanding their expectations (e.g. post-job interview questionnaires) and improving your practices
  3. To promote    your business and have a good brand image.

Candidates are therefore  potential ambassadors!

In short, turning your employees into brand ambassadors is a major asset to your reputation, both online and offline. This obviously means optimizing working conditions, but also a global approach to listening to your employees!

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*Gallup, in State of the Global Workplace, 2017

**a term that refers to turning employees into ambassadors or promoters of their company.employ