When and How To Consult Your Employees

Beyond the union presence in companies, there are many ways to consult with their employees. While some consultations are mandatory,this is also and above all a  voluntary approach by management. So how can we make the most of these consultations?

Knowing how to take advantage of mandatory negotiations

Legal obligations exist for companies (excluding very small businesses), how can these constraints be made assets for your business?

employees and management

New legislation

The Rebsamen Act of 2016 complements the ANI (National Interprofessional Agreement 2013). It states that companies must negotiate a single agreement on Quality of Work Life, and professional equality.

Regarding the Quality of Work Life, the agreement, the newspaper Ouest France offers us a good example.

Example of the newspaper Ouest France

Indeed, within the drafting, an agreement was signed at the end of 2018 and for 3 years between management and the representative bodies of the staff. It complements a charter of good human relations that had already been in place for a few years. A kind of charter, it contains the best practices that the company wants and must apply in terms of Quality of Work Life§

Beyond the latest legislation, what can be said about the so-called “annual maintenance”, which is also mandatory?

An outdated annual interview

The annual interview, a key element of an employee’s career, would now be cheesy. What for? He is simply preferred to more continuous forms of feedback, spread over the whole year.

Managers then become real coaches, who use different techniques. Like what

  1. Alternative feedback,which introduces a difference: “I prefer when you do like this rather than like that”.
  2. The reinforcement feedback,which invites us to go even further. “Keep it up!”
  3. Reflexive feedback,  which identifies what seems important to the other. “This is fundamental to you, isn’t it?” It can be intended, for example, to increase the motivation of a collaborator by understanding it better.

If this stimulation of employees is carried out correctly, it can lead to their transformation into true brand ambassadors!

Complementary solutions to collect employees reviews

It seems that medium-sized companies are too often overlooked on these types of consultations. Stand out, and put in place effective solutions with I Feedback Now !

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys are another way to apply the idea of continuous feedback, if you do it regularly. The term social barometer is used because it simply allows you to “take the temperature” from your employees.

The objective is simple: to formulate continuous improvement proposals (based on the results of the survey), without waiting for the next period of negotiations.

Thus, whether through the negotiations imposed, or through complementary means, the human resources directorate must consult regularly with employees. With the aim of improving working conditions and providing a professional environment where individual development is possible.

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