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Franchisors/franchisees: the shared benefits of verified consumer opinions

The current marketing trend in B2C is the systematic collection of customer feedback.

The multiplication of channels of communication with customers through new devices and mobile applications represents an immense opportunity for brands. They now have the opportunity to contact their clients in a variety of ways to assess their satisfaction in order to meet their expectations. The marketing services have understood this: digital brings them closer to their customers.

This vision is not always shared by the groups organized in franchises. Why ? It is sometimes seen as a devious way to control franchisees by having look at CRM data and employee performance.Franchisors/franchisees: the shared benefits of verified consumer opinions 2

I Feedback Now responds to these concerns and highlights the benefits that franchisees and franchisors can derive from its solution.

  • This solution aims to increase turnover and reduce the operating cost of franchisees (notably through the boost of e-reputation)
  • Our clients appreciate that the franchisor’s teams have a global view of customer expectations in order to implement effective global actions. The sharing of best practices requires the centralization of the collection of experiences for a better dispatch of the actions to be undertaken according to the specificities of each franchisee (location, clientele, services, etc.).
  • The information gathered is primarily used by franchisees in their operational improvement if the information collected is properly shared.

The above points highlight the convergence of interests between franchisees and franchisors, with an overall objective common to all: boosting e-reputation and increasing turnover. The collection of opinions is more akin to support to the franchisees once the system chosen is sufficiently flexible to be able to be controlled by each franchise independently of the others but with a global access for the management of the network for an overview. It is therefore in this micro / macro approach that our customers find the interest of developing the solution I Give My Opinion and the associated services.

Our advice to professionals: test the system with a benevolent franchisee before offering it to everyone.