Client reviews

Maximize Car Dealership Satisfaction with I Feedback Now

The Customer Listening program “I Feedback Now” offers the means to reach very high levels of satisfaction by projecting a listening image and by allowing the client to express his expectations to improve the continuous offer .

“The Solution I Feedback Now is excellent from a technical point of view, speed and spontaneity. It corresponds fully to the functioning of our customers, their habits and their preferences to interact with the brand ”
Cyril Vrain, Associate Director of BMW and Mini dealerships in Marseille

The fluidity and adaptability of I Feedback Now allow to answer the specific problems of the different car dealerships: to improve continuously and / or to meet the requirements of the group or the brand. I Feedback Now offers a genuine, real-time barometer to guide its organization by taking into account the voice of the customer to increase its turnover while optimizing user satisfaction and experience.

The Customer Voice approach proposed by I Feedback Now is based on the principle of “feedback loop”: to improve continuously with feedback from customers.

This Collaborative Marketing initiative aims to boost customer satisfaction, but not only … It is a management tool to optimize its operations.