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Notaries : Raise Your Sales Revenues Thanks To Customer Feedback!

You are a notary and wish to increase your revenues, your reputation, and your clients’ satisfaction ? And also understand better their expectations about your new services ? I Feedback Now offers you a solution to collect their feedback, easily and rapidly.

Why you should use a customers’ feedback marketing approach for higher revenues

In 2009, only 57% of French people consider that a notary “doesn’t make mistakes, generally speaking”, says this article by LeMonde.

Knowing this, you have to constantly prove your services’ quality. Moreover, 45% of the clients read reviews online on a regular basis, to chose their providers (Bright Local). So, you just must use our satisfaction surveys ;-).

analysis of sales revenues increasing

Les enquêtes de satisfaction Je Donne Mon Avis sont facile et rapide à mettre en place. Nos clients témoignent d’une augmentation de chiffre d’affaires moyenne de 5%. Alors, qu’attendez-vous pour vous lancer ?

Our suveys and inquiries are very easy to implement. And our clients note an average 5% increase of their revenues ! So, when do you start ?

A simple integration of I Feedback Now into your professional softwares

For example, if your notarial firm uses GENAPI, we can offer you an integrated solution. This way, you can easily and automatically send sollicitations to your clients after deeds of assignment, successions or divorces contracts…

Of course, positive reviews are key to improve your reputation, and increase your offices’ frequentation. Let’s see how you can make the best of them.

Positive feedback and how to use it

In a recent campaign to collect feedback in the notarial sector, I Feedback Now has gathered 156 opinions. 700 emails and 400 SMS had been sent. Among those, 100 were positive, and therefore highly sharable. Their power should not be neglected, as 90% of the clients who have looked at reviews declare having been biaised by them (Dimensional Research).

I Feedback Now sorts those positive reviews out, and allows to share them automatically on social media. Why ? To show your expertise and know-how to the world !

But, on the other hand, you will not receive good reviews only. Thus, how to handle negative feedback ?

What you should do with negative comments

If you get a negative feedback, our artificial intelligence notifies the person in charge of the problem. Only 3% of enterprises react immediately to a client feedback. Be one of them, join the elite !

So, as a notary, if I use the I Feedback Now solution with my clients,

  • I answer them fast. Without any satisfaction inquiry, you can’t know what your clients think about your services. I Feedback Now allows you to understand better the causes, the roots of a bad review.
  • I take action just as fast : You can easily improve your service if needed. Because you know precisely what is wrong with it !
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To summarize, I Feedback Now allows you to :

  • Impose your authority online
  • Build your reputation
  • Increase your revenues
  • Attract and retain clients
  • Being supported during your job (digital) transformation !

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