Client reviews

Client reviews for driving schools

Because 90% of future customers of a car school have consulted the opinions on this school before pushing the door it is important to take control of its e-reputation in this sector even more than elsewhere!

Students are automatically asked after registration and after the permit has been passed.

The notices collected allow to drive the continuous improvement of the work delivered by the Auto Ecole.

Before registering the future students will look for a car school in their city on the web, they do not all know the reputation of the different institutions because many of them are new to the city: Students, young executives assigned to a new city… When they enter their search on Google, they will probably see on the front page the opinions of other students especially on the Auto-School fan page, on his twitter account or through the Recommendation Widget.

The effect of adopting I Feedback Now for a Car School can typically result in an increase in turnover of more than 10%.